These are 3 things I never thought I’d do in my 50’s:

  1. Ride an ATV at the funky place off Highway 111 near Palm Springs.
  2. Ride a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  3. Take a hip hop class.

And yet, I’ve done these things.
Because of my kids.
When we encourage our kids to help plan our trips, we open ourselves to experiences we never imagined.

We go outside our comfort zones.

We learn. And we model for them that learning never ends.

We’re not afraid to try new things.

Even if that means embarrassing failure, like I did in the hip hop class.When I signed up for the class, I assumed there’d be other people. I could hide in the back and follow along.

Never assume.

There was the instructor–a twenty something guy in low slung baggy pants. He told me he learned his moves from watching YouTube videos.

There I was, a 50 year old mom in yoga pants. As embarrassed as I was learning from him, I’m glad I did it.

I had gone way outta my comfort zone. But with low risk. If the only thing you’re gonna risk is embarrassment, I say go for it. It builds courage.

My son took a risk by going out of state for college. He’s a guy who loves home, his dog, the endless amounts of fruit in our fridge, and us.
His family. The comfort zone of home.
It was a big leap to leave all that at 18 years old. He’s grown a lot. And it has also been really rough at times.

So I’m hopping on a plane tomorrow to see him.

What this piece is about is GROWTH.
In order to grow, we need to go out of our comfort zones.
And we also need SUPPORT.

As a coach, SUPPORT is one of the things I provide. So that you can step out of your comfort zone. Take small steps toward big dreams.

Let me know if you’d like to schedule a call. Maybe that’s the first step out of your comfort zone.