While searching for sunscreen under the bathroom sink yesterday, I discovered that baby oil had leaked all over the Sun Bum sunscreen and bottles of Cetaphil.

But the next thing I discovered intrigued me more.

When I pulled out the plastic bin to wash it, I noticed a label.


This was one of my 19 year old son’s former toy bins. I don’t even remember what Bionicles are–a type of Lego or Transformer maybe?
Anyway, this bin was no longer full of BIONICLES.

As I peeled off the label, I got to thinking.

We have a lot of labels as people.

Labels from the jobs we used to hold. Or the roles we play in life.
After my husband’s bike accident 6 years ago, I was full time CAREGIVER. When that role was no longer needed, I had a hard time peeling off that label. I wanted things to be back to normal–just husband and wife–but sometimes I had a tendency to caretake when it wasn’t necessary anymore.

I do it with my kids sometimes too.
Yesterday, I made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for my 16 year old and I cut it in to quarters.
What’s the label I’m holding onto there?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making someone a sandwich. It can be an act of love.

But sometimes we’re not doing these things for the person we love.
We’re doing them for ourselves.

To feel needed.
To hold onto the label of MOMMY a little longer.

Maybe your child just graduated and you’re no longer going to watch their lacrosse games or bring snacks to the volleyball tournaments. You’re no longer that Team Mom.
What do you want to take on next?
Maybe you’ve changed jobs, left a relationship, or started a new hobby.
What new labels would you like to describe yourself?
I know a 54 year old TV producer who went to DJ School after her daughter left for college.
And now she dj’s parties for fun.
I know a former engineer who’s now a health coach and personal trainer and a former sales rep who’s an aide for kids with special needs.

It’s never too late to try a new label. Or peel off an old one.

What’s something you might like to try?