Want to know 3 keys to designing a meaningful life?

According to Dave Evans, who teaches a class at Stanford called “Designing Your Life,”
It all comes down to this:

  1. Get curious.
  2. Talk to people.
  3. Try stuff.

I love hearing stories of people whose curiosity led them to exciting new experiences. I got an email from a wonderful woman who made a Vision Board last year. She wrote about her summer adventure on Catalina Island. She and her roommate had a limited amount of time to spend there and it turned out all the excursions around the island were booked. This woman is not a fan of heights. Chairlifts at ski resorts used to test her fear. So you know what they did?

They went ziplining down 5 zips over canyons to sea.
When she reached the end with legs like jello and adrenaline pumping, she turned to the zip operator and said, “Not bad for a 77 year old broad!”

Barbara Force, a volunteer at the Cancer Support Community in Redondo Beach, is 77 years old and she tried ZIP LINING for the FIRST time on August 3, 2019.

Get curious.
Talk to people.
Try stuff.

What will you try?