Congratulations on creating your Vision Board. There’s so much value in taking the time to be away from technology, flipping through actual magazines and thinking about how you want to feel and what you want in your life.

It’s self-care. Creativity. Community with other women.

Here are 4 tips to turn the inspiration of your Vision Board into reality.

1.  Put it in a place where you’ll see it in the morning or before you go to sleep.

2. Choose one aspect and commit to ONE SMALL STEP this week towards your desire.
Mine started with a pot.
There was a beautiful garden on my vision board. I wanted all new landscaping. (Overwhelming and not realistic at the time.) The feelings I wanted were: calm & surrounded by beauty.

My first small step was to simply change one pot by the front door. It was manageable and I could do it in an afternoon–dumping the weeds and planting new ivy and succulents. Getting something DONE gave me satisfaction and accomplishment. So I was motivated to keep going. One SMALL STEP at a time.
(Instead of focusing on the whole yard at once and putting it off for months!)

3. Share something on your vision board with someone who can help you make it happen. Maybe it’s a friend, sister, co-worker, or coach. Email me about your first step.

4. Take a picture of your vision board and use it as the wallpaper on your phone. You can also zoom in on an aspect as the theme for this new month or season.

Let me know your first step.