He’s leaving tomorrow.

My first born child is leaving for college.
And I’m going with him.
Not really, of course. I’m just making a road trip of the experience.  I have no idea what to expect of all of this.  It’s a new chapter.

What I do know is that I often return to my vision board in uncertain times. It’s like my own personal “Google.” I search it for meaning. I’m looking for reminders of what truly matters to me and what grounds me.  I’m kind of a mess of emotions lately. 

So I looked to the board this morning for how I want to feel.

Two words on the board stand out.


Yep. That’s what I want to feel. That I’m CONNECTED to my husband as parents, teammates, partners– to lean on each other as we launch this kid. And I want to feel CONNECTED to my kid. Loosely, in a way that doesn’t feel binding to him. And that’s where TRUST comes in.  

I want to feel TRUST that he’s ready, that this out-of-state school is the right choice for him, that he’ll make friends, be brave, get to class on time.  I’m getting ahead of myself.

For now, I just need to TRUST this process.

If you haven’t looked at your vision board in awhile, pull it out again. What word or image jumps out at YOU for this coming week? I’d love to know.
Reply with your “Words for the week.”

And if you’ve already launched a kid to college and have any advice, I’m open to that too.