Today’s TIPS!

Topics: Health, Hair & Hot flashes

First, the Covid test.

Tip #1 Go to Torrance Urgent Care at 2195 Sepulveda Blvd. near Arlington Avenue,Torrance.

The test costs $125. They don’t take insurance for the Rapid Results, but if you want to know within 20 minutes, this seems like the best option in the South Bay.

Last week, my son woke up feeling sick, so a smart mom told me that Torrance Urgent Care was the place to go. I’d never been so happy to see his test say NEGATIVE afterwards. He did NOT have the ‘rona virus! 
If you don’t live around here, it’s a good idea to find out ahead of time where the fast tests are located. That way, you’re not alarming your friends and family with Covid-fear-texts, like I was.

Next topic: HAIR. Did you miss the window of time when your hair salon was open?

TIP #2 Give Anthony Morrison Hair Salon in Hermosa Beach a try.

They have a beautiful outdoor patio. So if you feel comfortable getting a service done, this could be the place!  Anthony was a winner of Bravo’s Shear Genius back in the day and I go to lavender-haired Lucy. She’s young and fun and helps me feel that way too! During the initial lockdown, they sold “color kits” so I could cover my grays!

Topic #3 Menopause. It’s SO much more than hot flashes. Insomnia, tears–and so much more that I won’t reveal here…So, until we can sit close and gab over a glass of wine, let me just whisper the name of someone who might be helpful.
Nancy Siskowic. 

She helped me.

Tip #3 Call Nancy Siskowic if you think you’re in menopause.

Or give her number to your mom or your sister. When I looked at the list of symptoms in “Resources” on her website,  I was blown away. Like, huh?!–THAT’S a symptom of menopause too?

Check out the list to see. Then give her a call. 310-872-4640.
You can tell her I told you.

If you’ve got a tip I can use, please share!