If it hadn’t been for Nikki and Stan, I would’ve quit.

Twenty minutes into spin class this morning, I looked at the clock and thought, “How the hell did I ever teach this?! It’s so hard! I just want to go back to bed.”  

But I’d made the effort to get there and other people did too.
And that’s what got me through. Supportive people.
Nikki and Stan were on either side of me and they’ve been Fit On Studios regulars since the place opened.
Their energy and commitment kept me pedaling. I also saw my neighbors in the mirror. And Michael, the instructor, gave me a thumbs up during one of the climbs.

Life is a lot like spin class these days.
I gotta show up to get the benefits.
It won’t last forever.  
I gotta drink a lot of water.
I gotta have people around me that motivate me when it’s tough.
I gotta remind myself that I’ve done this before.
And I’ll get through another hard thing.

And you will too.
Whether you’re on a steep climb of life right now or just cruising on the Strand, this stage of life won’t last.

“This too shall pass,” is a phrase that got my husband and me through his recovery from the cycling accident 6 years ago. And he’ll be back on a bike this Sunday raising money for the Love Your Brain foundation.

If you are going through a challenging time right now, I’m here to support.
Or if if you just want to share a recent challenge or success, I’d love to hear.